Ugur Demirok

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A multi-readout orthogonal detection of alloy nanowire barcodes is shown to maximize the identification power of such encoded nanostructures. The built-in redundancy associated with the simultaneous use of several independent and powerful readout modes, based on different distinct processes and phenomena, offers great promise for decoding barcoded(More)
There is a critical need for more accurate, highly sensitive and specific assay for disease diagnosis and management. A novel, multiplexed, single sensor using rapid and label free electrochemical impedance spectroscopy tuning method has been developed. The key challenges while monitoring multiple targets is frequency overlap. Here we describe the methods(More)
We investigated silicon nanoclusters Si(nc) in a SiO2 matrix prepared by the plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition technique, using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) with external voltage stimuli in both static and pulsed modes. This method enables us to induce an additional charging shift of 0.8 eV between the Si2p peaks of the oxide and the(More)
In this study, Bayesian and, Decision Trees classifiers are used for the automatic diagnosis of the diabetes disease. 17 attributes of the diabetics has been reduced to 4 attributes using principal component analysis and sequential forward selection algorithm. The performances of the classifiers obtained from the use of the dimension reduction techniques(More)
By recording XPS spectra while applying external voltage stress to the sample rod, we can control the extent of charging developed on core-shell-type gold nanoparticles deposited on a copper substrate, in both steady-state and time-resolved fashions. The charging manifests itself as a shift in the measured binding energy of the corresponding XPS peak.(More)
There is an increasing desire to measure multiple analytes simultaneously for disease management and detection. However, in the case of invasive devices, it would be better to obtain one small sample and immediately be able to detect the analytes rapidly, as in the case of self-monitoring blood glucose, without the need for additional steps, arrays, or(More)
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