Ugur C. Usug

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The use of automated action planning techniques is essential for efficient mission execution of mobile robots. However, a tremendous effort is needed to represent planning problem domains realistically to meet the real-world constraints. Therefore, there is another source of uncertainty for mobile robot systems due to the impossibility of perfectly(More)
The ARINC 653 specification not only provides a standard application programming interface for an RTOS, but also specifies how to validate an ARINC 653 based RTOS. ARINC 653 Part 3 Conformity Test Specification specifies test procedures for validation of ARINC 653 Part 1 (Required Services Specification). Existing ARINC 653 verification suites and packs do(More)
The ARINC 653 specification defines standardized interfaces between a partitioning Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and application programs that implement the safety-critical and avionics systems. ARINC 653 requires spatial and temporal isolation between independent executing avionics applications, a.k.a. partitions. Temporal partitioning ensures that(More)
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