Ugo Solitro

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We present a discussion of sheaves and presheaves over a right sided idempotent quantale in a fashion that is similar to the way that these objects are conceivedover complete Heyting algebras by Fourman and Scott in 5]. The idea of a quantale originated with C.J.Mulvey ((6]) as an attempt to code a lattice theoretic construct that might be appropriate to(More)
In this work we describe a simple calculus (called interaction calculus or Calculus) for the representation of concurrent systems. In this a system is collection of expressions (processes) that share a working space; their computational behaviour is determined by the interaction of processes. The calculus is an attempt to describe concurrent systems by(More)
This work deals with the exponential fragment of Girard’s linear logic [Gir87] without the contraction rule. This logical system has a natural relation with the direct logic [OnKo85],[KeWe]. A new sequent calculus for this logic is presented in order to remove also the weakening rule and recover its behavior via a special treatment of the propositional(More)
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