Ugo H. Buzzi

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the nature of variability present in time series generated from gait parameters of two different age groups via a nonlinear analysis. DESIGN Measures of nonlinear dynamics were used to compare kinematic parameters between elderly and young females. BACKGROUND Aging may lead to changes in motor variability during walking, which(More)
In this study we used a damped inverted pendulum and spring with an escapement function model to compare the global levels of stiffness and forcing used by 12 preadolescents with Down syndrome (DS) and 12 with typical development (TD). Participants walked overground at their self-selected speed and on a treadmill at speeds slower and faster than overground.(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the dynamic stability of two groups of children with different dynamic resources in changing contexts. The stability of the lower extremity segments of preadolescent children (8-10 years old) with and without Down syndrome (DS) was evaluated as children walked on a motorized treadmill at varying speeds. Tools from(More)
Early locomotor behavior has been the focus of considerable attention by developmentalists over several decades. Few studies have addressed explicitly patterns of muscle activity that underlie this coordination pattern. Our purposes were to illustrate a method to determine objectively the onset and offset of muscle firings during early walking and to(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to use relative phase dynamics to evaluate gait in individuals with a reconstructed anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during walking and running. Relative phase dynamics can describe the coordination strategies between the interacting segments at the lower extremity. Ten subjects who had undergone ACL reconstruction(More)
Functional neuromuscular variability can be described as the normal variations that occur in motor performance across multiple repetitions of a task. Variability is inherent within all biological systems and recently has also been linked to the health of biological systems. Goldberger et al. (1986) observed different variability patterns in heart rhythms(More)
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