Ugo Cappucci

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All the spectrum is encompassed of those miscellaneous pathologic entities occurring in the mammary stroma which are on record up to date other than "mixed fibroepithelial" tumors (fibroadenomas and phyllodes tumors) and tumors both "pure" and "mixed" originating from myoepithelium (adenomyoepitheliomas and pleomorphic adenomas). Also they were excluded(More)
Endoribonucleases participate in almost every step of eukaryotic RNA metabolism, acting either as degradative or biosynthetic enzymes. We previously identified the founding member of the Eukaryotic EndoU ribonuclease family, whose components display unique biochemical features and are flexibly involved in important biological processes, such as ribosome(More)
One of the most fascinating scientific problems, and a subject of intense debate, is that of the mechanisms of biological evolution. In this context, Waddington elaborated the concepts of "canalization and assimilation" to explain how an apparently somatic variant induced by stress could become heritable through the germline in Drosophila He resolved this(More)
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