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Our paper introduces a novel approach for controlling stereo camera parameters in interactive 3D environments in a way that specifically addresses the interplay of binocular depth perception and saliency of scene contents. Our proposed Dynamic Attention-Aware Disparity Control (DADC) method produces depth-rich stereo rendering that improves viewer comfort(More)
A novel predictive joint source-channel video coding scheme is proposed and its superiority against standard video coding is demonstrated in environments with heavy packet loss. The strength of the scheme stems from the fact that it explicitly takes into account the two modes of operation (packet loss or no packet loss) at the decoder and optimizes the(More)
Detection of abnormal state (anomaly) is one of the topics that is frequently studied in the field of computer vision. In this study, we aim to investigate the combination of an unsupervised and discriminative anomaly detection method with a background subtraction technique. In this context, when the discriminative anomaly detection technique is used in(More)
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