Uffe Kock Wiil

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An approach to exible hyperbase (hypertext database) support predicated on the notion of extensibility is presented. The extensible hypertext platform (Hyperform) implements basic hyperbase services that can be tailored to provide specialized hyperbase support. Hyperform is based on an internal computational engine that provides an objectoriented extension(More)
INTRODUCTION The historical development of hypermedia systems can be characterized as a series of successive abstractions of functionality away from the “core” hypermedia server, often resulting in a new open layer in the hypermedia environment architecture. Recently, this trend of abstraction has been applied to the hypermedia server itself, replacing the(More)
The Construct development environment is targeted at the construction of different types of hypermedia services. The primary goal of the environment is to ease the construction of component-based open hypermedia systems by providing development tools that assist the system developers in the generation of the set of services that make up a hypermedia system.
Over the past decade, hypermedia systems have become increasingly open, distributed, and modular. As a direct result of this, open hypermedia systems have been increasingly successful in providing middleware services such as linking to a large set of clients. This paper presents a new approach to service provision in open hypermedia systems based on the(More)
Early hypertext systems were monolithic and closed, but newer systems tend to be open, distributed, and support collaboration. While this development has resulted in increased openness and flexibility, integrating or adapting various different tools, such as content editors, viewers or even other link servers has remained a tedious task. Many developers(More)
Development of hypermedia systems is a complex matter. The current trend toward open, extensible, and distributed multiuser hypermedia systems adds additional complexity to the development process. As a means of reducing this complexity, there has been an increasing interest in hyperbase management systems that allow hypermedia system developers to abstract(More)