Uffe Jakobsen

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This paper presents a sensorless-controlled, low-cost, low-power, and variable-speed drive system suitable for fan and pump applications. The main advantages of this drive system are the low system cost, simple converter structure, and simple but robust sensorless control technique. The drive motor is a special hybrid switched reluctance motor. The proposed(More)
In this paper, a novel single phase hybrid switched reluctance motor(SRM) drive system is proposed. It integrated a single phase hybrid SRM and a novel single phase boost converter. This motor can reduce the number of phase switch. And the permanent magnet which is used in the motor can improve the performance and efficiency of SR motor. However, the(More)
The E-core transverse flux machine, which is a variation of the classical Switched Reluctance machine (SRM), have all the basic properties to be considered as a very fault tolerant machine. Every single coil in the machine is isolated from the each others both magnetic, electrical and to some extent also thermal. Since the E-core transverse flux-machine(More)
This paper presents a new single-phase, Hybrid Switched Reluctance (HSR) motor for low-cost, low-power, pump or fan drive systems. Its single-phase configuration allows use of a simple converter to reduce the system cost. Cheap ferrite magnets are used and arranged in a special flux concentration manner to increase effectively the torque density and(More)
A high torque ripple in a given motor always presents a challenge for the speed control, since this ripple may lead to excessive actuation and ultimately may even lead to instability. The conventional solution is to low pass filter the measured speed, but this lowers dynamic control performance. This paper presents a new method to accurately calculate the(More)
Pulse width modulation, present in most drives, gives rise to harmonics in the current and this generates radial forces that cause vibrations in the motor shell. This paper derives an analytical expression for the estimation of the spectrum of the radial force in a machine with an air gap, based on the spectrum of the applied voltage. The measurements show(More)
Motor control for small series sometimes requires specialized control logic, requiring rewiring if new logic needs to be added. This paper describes a different approach to hardware and software co-design, namely designing a softcore processor with an instruction set to fit the purpose of control of drives. Furthermore the softcore processor is designed(More)
The Single phase hybrid switched reluctance motor (HSRM) may be a good candidate for low-cost drives used for pump applications. This paper presents a new design of the HSRM with improved starting torque achieved by stator pole shaping, and a better arrangement of the embedded stator permanent magnets with flux concentration effects. Analysis and simulation(More)
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