Uffe Bødtger

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It has recently been shown that plasticizers are present in indoor air dust, which may lead to human exposure via the inhalation route. Moreover, studies have indicated that plasticizers may possess adjuvant effects increasing the health damaging potential of allergens. The aim of this study was to investigate the in vitro effect of metabolites of phthalate(More)
INTRODUCTION Correct lung cancer staging is pivotal for optimal allocation to surgical and nonsurgical treatment. A left adrenal gland (LAG) mass is found in 5 to 16%, and malignancy preclude surgery. Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is superior to other imaging procedures in visualizing LAG, but the impact of EUS-fine needle aspiration (FNA) on tumor, node,(More)
AIMS Allergy to recombinant human (rDNA) insulin preparations is a rare complication of insulin therapy. However, insulin preparations contain several allergens, and several disorders can resemble insulin allergy. Studies evaluating the diagnostic procedures on suspected insulin allergy are extremely few. METHODS Since January 1998, we have used a(More)
Several studies indicate genetic involvement of Th2 cytokines in allergic diseases. Interleukin (IL)-13 has been mapped to the cytokine cluster on chromosome 5q31-33, which has been associated with atopic conditions. Recently, an association was reported between the T allele in a promoter polymorphism in the IL-13 gene (C to T exchange) at position -1055(More)
BACKGROUND Allergic rhinitis (AR) and sensitization are considered chronic conditions. However, few studies have reported remission rates in adults. OBJECTIVE We sought to estimate the incidence of remission of AR during an 8-year period. METHODS Participants in a population-based study of 15- to 69-year-old patients in 1990 were invited to a follow-up(More)
BACKGROUND Data on incidence and long-term persistence of IgE aeroallergen sensitization in older adults are limited. Alcohol consumption is a strong immune-modulator with a significant impact on the IgE response. OBJECTIVES We aimed to assess the incidence and remission of aeroallergen sensitization from the age of 40 to 60 years. Furthermore, we(More)
BACKGROUND Low forced expiratory volume (FEV(1)) and low performance status usually preclude surgical treatment of lung neoplasms. Earlier case reports have suggested that curative, safe surgery is possible in extrapulmonal intrathoracic neoplasms. METHODS A case report of an 83-year-old women with progressing dyspnoea secondary to a huge left-side(More)
BACKGROUND Rhinitis symptoms and IgE-sensitization often mismatch. Asymptomatic sensitization is an established risk factor for later rhinitis, whereas it is not clear whether rhinitis is a risk factor for later development of IgE-sensitization. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether nonallergic rhinitis is a risk factor for later development of(More)
BACKGROUND The role of IgG4 during allergen-specific immunotherapy (SIT) is still controversial. The available studies present paramount differences in in vitro techniques, allergens, and clinical outcome parameters. By implementing a sensitive method, and pivotal clinical outcome parameters, we wanted to ascertain the utility of IgG4 as a clinical marker(More)
BACKGROUND The skin prick test is the allergologic test of choice, but asymptomatic skin sensitization to aeroallergens is common. However, no data in the literature describe the clinical phenotype of asymptomatic sensitized adults. OBJECTIVE The purposes of this investigation were to provide a clinical characterization of skin test-positive subjects(More)