Uffe Bødtger

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Lemierre’s syndrome is an often un-diagnosed disease seen in previously healthy young subjects, presenting with symptoms of pharyngitis, fever and elevated markers of inflammation. The syndrome is characterised by infectious thrombosis of the jugular vein due to infection with Fusobacteria, causing a variety of infectious complications. Rapid diagnosis and(More)
Buckwheat is increasingly used in food and pillows in Europe and is a potent potential allergen when ingested or inhaled. A 74-year-old Danish woman experienced anaphylaxis after ingesting industrially manufactured pancakes. She was IgE-sensitized and was persistently asymptomatic after allergen elimination. A thorough medical history is pivotal to identify(More)
This is a case of a married couple with a cluster of empyema. Clusters are rarely seen, but have previously been described in children. Reasons for clustering of empyemas include close relationship between patients, increased susceptibility in patients, increased virulence of the bacteria, co-morbidity and age. Drainage and relevant antibiotic treatment(More)
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