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I discuss approaches to optimally remove noise from images. A generalization of Wiener filtering to Non-Gaussian distributions and wavelets is described, as well as an approach to measure the errors in the reconstructed images. We argue that the wavelet basis is highly advantageous over either Fourier or real space analysis if the data is intermittent in(More)
We present magneto-hydrodynamic simulation results for heterogeneous systems. Heterogeneous architectures combine high floating point performance many-core units hosted in conventional server nodes. Examples include Graphics Processing Units (GPU's) and Cell. They have potentially large gains in performance, at modest power and monetary cost. We implemented(More)
We present a new algorithm to rapidly and optimally compute power spectra. This new algorithm is based on a generalization of iterative multigrid, and has computational cost O(N log N), compared to the standard brute force approach which costs O(N 3). The procedure retains this speed on the full sky and for ill-conditioned matrices. It is applicable to(More)
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