Ue-Li Pen

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We describe a new 512-CPU Beowulf cluster with Teraflop performance dedicated to problems in computational astrophysics. The cluster incorporates a cubic network topology based on inexpensive commodity 24-port gigabit switches and point to point connections through the second gigabit port on each Linux server. This configuration has network performance(More)
We present a new algorithm to rapidly compute the two-point (2PCF), three-point (3PCF) and n-point (n-PCF) correlation functions in roughly O(N) time for N particles , instead of O(N n) as required by brute force approaches. This technique exploits node-to-node correlations of a recursive bisectional binary tree. A balanced tree construction minimizes the(More)
We develop a new tool to generate statistically precise dark matter maps from the cosmic magnification of galaxies with distance estimates. We show how to overcome the intrinsic clustering problem using the slope of the luminosity function, because magnification changes strongly over the luminosity function, while intrinsic clustering only changes weakly.(More)
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