Udo Welzel

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Three-dimensional coherent diffraction patterns of an isolated, single-crystalline Ag/Au core-shell nanowire were recorded at different X-ray beam energies close to the Au LIII absorption edge. Two-dimensional slices of the three-dimensional diffraction pattern, with the diffraction vector oriented perpendicular to the wire axis, were investigated in(More)
The classical model of independent random single deformation faults and twin faulting in face-centered-cubic and hexagonal close packing is revisited. The model is extended to account for the whole range of faulting probabilities. The faulting process resulting in the final stacking sequences is described by several equivalent computational models. The(More)
The instrumental effects related to the use of a polycapillary x-ray lens as primary beam collimator are here studied and the features observed in the measurements modelled via Monte-Carlo ray-tracing. Comparison with existing procedures is presented and experimental evidence of the accuracy improvements due to the use of a correction algorithm is shown.
The microstructure evolution (crystallite size and microstrain) as well as the residual stress of Cu thin films of various thicknesses (250 nm, 500 nm and 1 ìm) on passivated Si substrates during isochronal annealing was investigated by in-situ X-ray diffraction measurements in the temperature range between 25°C and 250°C. Before annealing, the(More)
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