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tele.ring is a mobile phone organization selling contracts and cell phones in the Austrian market. The market situation in 2005 was highly competitive and dynamic resulting in relatively short tariff life cycles. Excessively long lead times made tele.ring’s management feel dissatisfied with their new tariff development process. Furthermore, a new competitor(More)
IAXO, the new International AXion Observatory, will feature the most ambitious detector for solar axions to date. Axions are hypothetical particles that were postulated to solve one of the puzzles arising in the standard model of particle physics, namely the strong CP (charge conjugation and parity) problem. This detector aims at achieving a sensitivity to(More)
An aggressive low-mass and high-stress design of a very large detector magnet assembly for the Future Circular Collider (FCC-hh), consisting of a “twin solenoid” and two dipoles, is presented. The twin solenoid features two concentric solenoids. The inner solenoid provides 6 T over a free bore of 12 m and a length of 20 m, enclosing the inner(More)
The conceptual design study of a hadron Future Circular Collider (FCC-hh) with a center-of-mass energy of the order of 100 TeV in a new tunnel of 80-100 km circumference assumes the determination of the basic requirements for its detectors. A superconducting solenoid magnet of 12 m diameter inner bore with the central magnetic flux density of 6 T is(More)
The 4 T, 10 m free bore twin Solenoid with 4 Tm forward dipoles is discussed with an emphasis on the forward dipoles. This assembly, a possible detector magnet layout for the future circular collider for hadron–hadron physics, combines a 4 T axial magnetic field at the interaction point in the center of the twin Solenoid(More)
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