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In virtually all safety-critical industries the operators of systems have to demonstrate a systematic and thorough consideration of safety. This is increasingly being done by demonstrating that certain goals have been achieved, rather than by simply following prescriptive standards. Such goal-based safety cases could be a valuable tool for reasoning about(More)
The student seminar aims to foster the integration of the ReSIST Doctorate students within the network, via a) the presentation of their research work to other ReSIST students and researchers, and b) the discussions that will ensue. This Seminar is only open to ReSIST members. Attendance at the Seminar is limited in order to encourage highly interactive(More)
In safety-oriented applications, the software has to fulfil certain stringent reliability requirements. In order to determine the reliability of the software, a variety of different methods can be used. The methods used for the reliability proof of a computerized reactor protection system are discussed in this paper. In addition to the constructive approach(More)