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We fabricated and tested micro-machined silicon needles for intraand extracellular neuronal recording. The fabricated needles have extremely sharp tips (<1 μm), they are long (>300 μm) and exhibit high mechanical strength. These characteristics are necessary for effective bending and penetration of cell membranes for intracellular recording (Figure 1). To(More)
The capillary wall, due to its diffusional resistance, causes concentration differences between the vascular space and the interstitial space for substances which are released or taken up by the heart. Estimation of capillary transfer and interstitial concentration in isolated hearts, however, indicates a variable diffusional resistance, which in the case(More)
Glycopeptides with TN antigen (GalNAc)Ser/Thr and T-antigen structures (beta Gall-3GalNAc)Ser/Thr, described as tumor-associated antigens, were synthesized and coupled to bovine serum albumin. Alternatively, synthetic methods for the construction of beta-anomeric analogues of the TN and T-antigen glycopeptides were developed, aiming at antigenic structures(More)
Organic electronic devices are currently being introduced in commercial applications such as flexible displays. Due to the mechanical loading of these devices during bending, it is important to know the mechanical properties in order to assess reliability. It is therefore essential to develop experimental setups for the mechanical characterization of(More)
This paper describes a device that allows for simultaneous tomographic imaging of samples on three independent rotational axes. This rotation axis demultiplexer (POLYTOM) is equipped with anti-backlash gears and placed on a standard sample rotation stage thus allowing for the transformation of the input rotation axis onto two additional parallel vertical(More)
With the rising importance of automation systems, the demands on computational requirements increase as well. Industrial automation systems not only have to perform complex calculations on huge amounts of data in real-time, they also have to be reliable, which is essential for industry. Combining all requirements, it has increasingly become impossible to be(More)
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