Udo Kunzmann

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Setting up a reliable cost unit accounting system in a hospital is a fundamental necessity for economic survival, given the current general conditions in the healthcare system. Definition of a suitable cost unit is a crucial factor for success. We present here the development and use of a clinical pathway as a cost unit as an alternative to the DRG.(More)
Nach über 30 Jahren Kostendämpfungspolitik im Gesundheitswesen und der verbindlichen Einführung des Systems der German Refined-Diagnosis Related Groups (G-DRG) im Jahr 2004 hat der Kostendruck in deutschen Krankenhäusern nochmals an Schärfe gewonnen. Fallbezogen kann die Gewinnschwelle (Gewinn=Erlöse–Kosten) nur dann erreicht werden, wenn die Selbstkosten(More)
In this project an integrated analysis of data from disparate surgery and anaesthesiology departmental information systems was carried out. Due to the lack of shared primary keys, a multi-stage "soft" matching method was implemented. Results of the matching steps are described in detail. Inconsistencies were shown to exist for identifying data, semantic(More)
In order for a mobile ECG recorder to be able to classify a heart rhythm online, the significant parameters must be extracted. The relevant parameters are the beginning, peak and end of the QRS-complex, the P- and T-waves, the ST-segment and other significant intervals, such as the RR-interval. The aim of the development was, firstly, stable,(More)
After 30 years of belt-tightening in the health care system and the mandatory implementation of the German diagnosis-related groups (DRG) system in 2004, the cost pressure on German hospitals has increased again. Cases break even only if prime costs fall below DRG revenues. On the one hand it is required from hospitals that prime costs are evaluated in(More)
The increasing financial pressure on hospitals resulting from changes in the health system demands detailed knowledge about the cost and earnings situation in the hospital. An essential part of strategic controlling now entails establishing structured cost-unit accounting. This can then be used for example through process optimization to ascertain savings(More)
In recent years, modern medicine has changed considerably. At maximum care centers, in particular, the use of state-of-the-art medical equipment has become an essential part of patient care. HoWever, using such high-tech products also means a considerable burden on the financial resources available, because additional financing is rare. Consequently, there(More)
Die Zusammenführung sämtlicher Patientendaten in ein umfassendes Klinikinformationssystem (KIS) bietet ein erhebliches Potenzial zur Rationalisierung und Beschleunigung der administrativen Arbeitsabläufe, die aktuell immer mehr zeitliche Ressourcen der patientenbezogenen Primärprozesse binden. Wichtig für ein solches Datenmanagement ist, dass sowohl die(More)
The classification of cardiac pathologies in the human ECG greatly depends on the reliable extraction of characteristic features. This work presents a complete simulation environment for testing ECG classification algorithms under Matlab/Simulink. Evaluation of algorithm performance is undertaken in full compliance with the ANSI/AAMI standards EC38 and(More)
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