Udo Krüger

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—In future wireless networks, cooperation between the base stations may reduce the effects of intercell interference and enhance the capacity per cell. In this paper, the potential of such cooperation is evaluated using measurements of the information-theoretic channel capacity at 5.2 GHz in 4 overlapping urban microcells with 5 users. In each link, a(More)
In this paper, we report first acoustic communications experiments along deep drill strings enabling data rates up to 20 kbit/s. To reduce costs for geothermal energy, search for water-bearing fault zones in the rocks hundreds of meters below the ground will be assisted by seismic prediction while drilling (SPWD) enabling control of the drilling direction.(More)
Integrating terrestrial and satellite communications promises several advantages, whereas the most evident one is that modern satellite networks achieve global coverage using a multiple spot beam architecture. In order to increase the spectral efficiency, orthogonal waveforms like single-carrier frequency-division multiple access (SC-FDMA) are investigated(More)
For reducing costs in drilling technology, seismic prediction while drilling (SPWD) is envisioned. SPWD needs a fast data link bringing up the seismic data from bottomhole to the ground. In this paper, we propose a flexible and easy-to-use acoustic channel model for long drill strings. The model enables efficient design of adaptive OFDM communication links(More)
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