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As a part of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS), the above mentioned participants of Task 2 are collecting and analysing operational data of photovoltaic plants in various system techniques located world-wide. The objective of this joint project is to provide suitable technical information on the operational(More)
All five fast neutron therapy centres in Germany use low energy cyclotrons or neutron generators and are, therefore, at the low energy end of the 21 neutron therapy facilities presently in use worldwide. The depth dose characteristics are worse than for 60Co gamma rays, the absorbed dose rate is too low and the treatment is technically restricted because of(More)
On comparing surgical and conservative approaches in therapy for obesity it is accepted that there is a more rapid decline in body weight after surgery than by conservative measures. In contrast to widespread convictions, it has been shown that even in extreme obesity (BMI>60 kg/m²) both a meaningful and a long-lasting reduction of body weight is possible(More)
Nach bariatrischen Operationen zeigte sich vielfach neben der Gewichtsabnahme auch eine günstige Beeinflussung von Begleiterkrankungen wie Störungen des Glukose- oder Fettstoffwechsels, weshalb für operative Maßnahmen zur gezielten Beeinflussung metabolischer Störungen, vor allem des Diabetes mellitus Typ 2, der Begriff „metabolische Chirurgie“ geprägt(More)
The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) has built up a web-site to support international scientific exchange and facilitate organizational tasks. Regular monitoring is required to get information on whether the site is actually used and by whom. Main aspects of the evaluation are function, structure and contents. As main evaluation methods(More)
In recent years the number of bariatric surgery has markedly increased in industrial nations. Surgery provides a more rapid decrease of body weight than conservative approach. However a long term conservative follow up therapy is mandatory to stabilize reduced weight. Due to increasing knowledge from long term follow up of surgically treated obese patients(More)
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