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Philipp Offermann, Sören Blom, Olga Levina, Udo Bub Proposal for Components of Method Design Theories Increasing the Utility of Method Design Artefacts Gregor and Jones have proposed components for design theories, building on theory concepts from behavioural sciences and prior publications. Their design theory structure addresses IT artefacts in general,(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of four different approaches to automatic age and gender classification using seven classes on a telephony speech task and also compares the results with human performance on the same data. The automatic approaches compared are based on (1) a parallel phone recognizer, derived from an automatic language identification(More)
Discussions about the body of knowledge of information systems, including the research domain, relevant perspectives and methods have been going on for a long time. Many researchers vote for a combination of research perspectives and their respective research methodologies; rigour and relevance as requirements in design science are generally accepted. What(More)
Service oriented architectures (SOA) are becoming reality in a corporate environment. Rather than pure technology improvements SOA intends to increase manageability and sustainability of IT systems and to better align business requirements and technology implementations. Following these intentions current SOA research is focused on the management of SOA. In(More)
Telecommunication providers are still searching for business models beyond the bit pipe. While added-value services like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) become more and more common for private customers as well as small and medium enterprises, in this paper we demonstrate the opportunities of Platform-as-a-Service offerings for specific business domains. By(More)