Udo Bleimann

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The paper considers the requirement for information security within the domain of online distance learning. A generic module structure is presented which represents a high level abstraction of the different stages of the educational process. This leads into a discussion of the main security issues that must be considered at each stage. These various(More)
This paper addresses the identification of NGN (Next Generation Networks) user terminals experiencing similar QoS (Quality of Service) conditions. This information is useful regarding the identification of adequate QoS monitoring points in order to provide a resource-saving QoS monitoring approach. An ART 2 neural network has been evaluated for the(More)
Today’s standardised approaches for the control of QoS (Quality of Service) in NGN (Next Generation Networks) come along with a high volume of additional, unscalable traffic for the allocation and reservation of network resources within the IP transport network. This paper describes a new framework for comprehensive QoS control in SIP-based (Session(More)
This paper presents an approach to security policy enforcement with collaborative business processes defined using BPEL and deployed across enterprise domain boundaries for execution. The assessment of compliance with security policies at the location where a BPEL script is to be executed is facilitated by re-formulating the security policies with respect(More)
Dieser Beitrag behandelt die Präsentation und Diskussion unterschiedlicher Strategien zur Visualisierung entscheidungsrelevanter Daten, wie man sie heute typischerweise in entscheidungsunterstützenden Informationssystemen (Management Support Systems) findet. Die zunehmende Bedeutung derartiger Systeme in der betrieblichen Praxis hat dazu geführt, dass(More)
This paper proposes a hybrid approach for managing knowledge within companies based on communication between people. In addition to traditional Knowledge Management Systems our concept supports employees not only in finding information but also in establishing contact between the person requesting information and a person or community that can help solve(More)
Quality of Service (QoS) is a very important aspect in Next Generation Telecommunication Networks. A traffic-saving QoS monitoring concept, based on the virtual grouping of user terminals, has been developed. This paper shows a bootstrap issue existing within this concept, and introduces a mechanism supporting the reliable initialisation of the monitoring(More)