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When multiple nodes desire to transmit in a network, a set of rules generally known as routing and collision avoidance protocols are needed to avoid collisions and to retransmit lost data. We suggest a novel yet efficient technique for ADHOC network management using uniform Latin square matrix. Each entry of Latin Square Matrix is unique in row and column.(More)
-It is to be noted that there is a kind of sameness in pixels are changed positions or the blocks are jumbled [5] or the arbitrary bits are added to the pixels in order to encrypt the image. These algorithms might be very effective now, but one day, they might be cracked because of the sameness in the modus operandi of these algorithms. Hence there is a(More)
There is a need for a CAPTCHA as a result of the abuse of automated 'bots' [6]. The problem of spamming resulted as the bots intruded into the internet [3]. However, there were many solutions provided for stopping these bots from entering the internet. The best and most feasible solution proposed till now has been the CAPTCHA or the fuzzy text recognition.(More)
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