Udayanto Dwi Atmojo

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Wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSAN) have become pervasive and are found in many embedded and intelligent systems. However, the complexity of applications based on WSANs is limited due to the lack of programming tools for this type of networks. In this paper, we show how a concurrent programming language, SystemJ, is used to develop a(More)
A new programming paradigm that supports development of adaptive distributed control systems found in many applications, such as flexible manufacturing systems, is introduced in the paper. The paradigm merges two powerful concepts, a formal GALS language SystemJ suitable for designing concurrent static programs and service oriented architectures suitable(More)
Modern ubiquitous computing systems are created with large number of embedded sensing and actuation devices, which together form complex distributed collaborative systems. While the advancements in underlying embedded sensing, actuation and control technologies are tremendous, the system designers still lack proper software approach that can handle systems(More)
This paper presents enhancements of Service Oriented SystemJ (SOSJ) framework, which extends a system-level language based on GALS model of computation SystemJ with services, into a new programming paradigm amenable for designing dynamic distributed automation systems such as reconfigurable manufacturing systems. The new paradigm combines(More)
Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is achieved using ubiquitous sensing and autonomous control implemented on distributed and embedded computing resources hidden within the environment. Modern AmI systems are typically built on wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSANs). The most recent trend is to implement such systems using small embedded devices, such as(More)
This paper considers the implementation of cyclic codes encoder and decoder for multimedia content in the form of sound data using National Instruments LabView software. Cyclic codes can be defined by two parameters, which are code size n and information bit size k. LabView is an easy to use, multipurpose software which has many features for designing and(More)
This paper presents the Service Oriented SystemJ (SOSJ) framework, which combines correct-by-construction language features of GALS (Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous) system-level language SystemJ with dynamic reconfiguration features of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), creating a new programming paradigm suitable for designing dynamic(More)
Modern manufacturing systems are best examples where networked embedded controllers and mechatronic devices form the so-called distributed cyber physical systems (CPS). Design and deployment of such systems pose significant challenges to traditional PLC-based software design approaches. In this paper, a unified framework for the design and deployment of(More)