Udayaditya Sen

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The conserved bacterial transcription terminator, Rho, is a potent target for bactericidal agents. Psu, a bacteriophage P4 capsid protein, is capable of inducing anti-termination to the Rho-dependent transcription termination. Knowledge of structural and mechanistic basis of this anti-termination is required to design peptide-inhibitor(s) of Rho from Psu.(More)
Vibrio cholerae contains multiple copies of chemotaxis response regulator (VcCheY1-VcCheY4) whose functions are elusive yet. Although previous studies suggested that only VcCheY3 directly switches the flagellar rotation, the involvement of VcCheY4 in chemotaxis could not be ruled out. None of these studies, however, focused on the structure, mechanism of(More)
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