Uday V. Kulkarni

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In this paper fuzzy hyperline segment neural network (FHLSNN) is proposed for recognition of handwritten characters. The paper describes the architecture, learning algorithm and an example that demonstrates the qualities of FHLSNN algorithm. The FHLSNN utilises fuzzy sets as pattern classes in which each fuzzy set is an union of fuzzy set hyperline(More)
—With the rapid growth of information technology and in many business applications, mining frequent patterns and finding associations among them requires handling large and distributed databases. As FP-tree considered being the best compact data structure to hold the data patterns in memory there has been efforts to make it parallel and distributed to(More)
— Recommender systems attempt to predict items in which a user might be interested, given some information about the user's and items' profiles. This paper proposes a fast k-medoids clustering algorithm which is used for Hybrid Personalized Recommender System (FKMHPRS). The proposed system works in two phases. In the first phase, opinions from the users are(More)