Uday Shamrao Kumbhar

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Introduction: Mechanical intestinal obstruction with closed loop phenomenon secondary to knotting of the mesentery is an uncommon entity that can rapidly evolve into ischemia of the intestinal segment that forms the knot. It originates with the wrapping of the mobile ileal loop compromising the mesentery in the center of the knot and is an unusual cause of(More)
Human hydatid disease caused by echinococcus granulosus is one of the commonest zoonosis and it primarily affects the liver. Amongst, the various treatment options, surgical management with removal of its contents and pericystectomy under the cover of anti-helminthic is the treatment of choice. Large hydatid cysts located in the posterosuperior aspect of(More)
INTRODUCTION A range of minimally invasive endoscopic techniques (gas dependent and gasless) have been attempted for thyroidectomy in the past two decades. In this context, we evaluated the feasibility and safety of our technique of a gasless trans-axillary thyroidectomy. MATERIAL AND METHODS This retrospective study from the Department of Endocrine and(More)
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