Uday Pandit Khot

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Metamaterials have been intensively researched due to their particular features such as negative permittivity and/or permeability and ultra-refraction phenomenon. To satisfy the demand of commonly used microwave communication systems, an antenna which can operate at multiple frequencies and enhanced characteristics is desirable. The frequency response of a(More)
The WLAN and Bluetooth applications become popular in mobile devices, integrating GSM and ISM bands operation in one compact antenna, can reduce the size of mobile devices. Recently, lot many investigations are carried out in designing a dual band antennas with operating frequencies in GSM band and in ISM band for mobile devices. Printed monopoles are under(More)
The main goal of this paper is to introduce “hearing sensor” and also the speech synthesis to the Mobile robot such that it is capable to interact with human through spoken natural language. The context of speech recognition refers to system where a person can speak via a microphone to a computer. The computer translates the spoken words into either text or(More)
Phase shifter design for system application requires consideration of many factors such as bandwidth, phase shift, insertion loss, gain variation etc. This paper focuses on the development of microstrip phase shifters using defected ground structure (DGS). DGS has the characteristics of slow wave, wide stop band and compact size. The basic concept of DGS is(More)
In this paper, Low profile microstrip antennas for glucometer application are proposed. As dielectric constant of the material as a superstrate placed above antenna changes, resonant characteristic of antenna varies and shift in the frequency is observed. The proposed microstrip antenna resonators are designed using Advanced Design System 2015.01 for an(More)
The proposed work deals with the design of an antenna which can be used for most of the wireless applications by reconfiguring and tuning the antenna. The antenna can be used for various combinations of wireless applications such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, 3G within a microwave L, S, C and X frequency bands in Electromagnetic Spectrum. Now days, different antennas(More)
This paper presents the design of a low-profile switch able multilane patch antenna. The antenna design fabricated on FR-4 substrate with dielectric constant 4.4. The proposed antenna design can be used for various combinations of wireless applications such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Bluetooth within a microwave S and C frequency bands in electromagnetic spectrum.(More)
Nodes in MANET are mobile with limited capacities. The nodes are energy constraint in MANET which limits the routing capability of nodes and network lifetime. Therefore to improve performance of MANET, special routing algorithms which can establish energy efficient path to route packets from source to destinations are needed. If the selected route is energy(More)