Uday K Jagadisan

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UNLABELLED Executive control of voluntary movements is a hallmark of the mammalian brain. In the gaze-control network, this function is thought to be mediated by a critical balance between neurons responsible for generating movements and those responsible for fixating or suppressing movements, but the nature of this balance between the relevant(More)
The motor system prepares for movements well in advance of their execution. In the gaze control system, the dynamics of preparatory neural activity have been well described by stochastic accumulation-to-threshold models. However, it is unclear whether this activity has features indicative of a hidden movement command. We explicitly tested whether(More)
TITLE PAGE 1 Title: Removal of inhibition uncovers latent movement potential during preparation 2 Abbreviated title: Motor potential during saccade preparation 3 Authors: Uday K. Jagadisan and Neeraj J. Gandhi 4 Author affiliations: 5 Department of Bioengineering 6 Department of Neuroscience 7 Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition 8 University of(More)
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