Uday Joshi

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A total of 255 bednets were collected 38 months after distribution in Lawra District of northwest Ghana to examine their physical condition and residual insecticide levels. Physical condition varied from nearly pristine to highly damaged. In 50 selected nets, 2023 holes > or = 0.5 cm and 31 holes > or = 10 cm were counted. The incidence of holes increases(More)
With the increasing number of computers on the Internet, there is a growing interest in harnessing the unused and inexpensive computational resources over the Internet. However, current approaches such as the grid computing paradigm are not sufficient. We present our preliminary work that uses extends peer-2-peer (P2P) computing with a framework that allows(More)
With an aging global population, it is important that clinicians empower their patients. Empowering the patient-physician interaction leads to a more positive health outcome. This chapter discusses the potential of adopting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a way of guiding non-critical care services (i.e. linking the problems of customer-focused(More)
We propose a remote file system for use in desktop grid applications. The proposed system provides programs with the ability to query and update files on remote machines without requiring any changes to the program code. The system (a) generates a profile of the program file operations and (b) uses the profile to implement collective and pre-fetched I/O.
Security is becoming the primary concern of society. Having a security system is therefore becoming a requirement. Video surveillance plays a vital role in security systems. Consider a video stream taken by a fixed camera to monitor motion-restricted area. The system works on a real-time video,from the camera, which is accessed frame to frame. The proposed(More)
Image compression can be done in two ways namely lossy or lossless. Lossy methods are used for expected results like photographs where some negligible loss of data is tolerable. Rapid growth of medical science such as ehealth and telemedicine requires lossless Image compression. The correlation and redundancy which exists across different medical images are(More)