Uday Gajendar

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[1] Here " consumer " refers to anyone who uses a product or service, regardless of industry. Thus, a user of e-business software is a consumer, just like the user of a home camera. Each person is consuming a technology to perform a task. [2] We don't actually design experiences. We design only the contexts, interfaces and artifacts that might lead to a(More)
The globalization of Oracle's development organization, customer base, and product lines has had an ongoing impact on the evolution of the Oracle UI Group (OUI). It has changed not only the product and user requirements to be met via the UCD process but also the nature of that process. This overview describes some of the internal and external challenges(More)
autotelic experiences that are either self-enhancing (for individuals) or communally empowering (for groups). The current VR revolution intensifies those qualities, thanks to high-resolution imagery with exceptional degrees of color, depth, and texture—qualities that enable a sense of entering a visceral realm complete with spatialized visual and auditory(More)
" prioritize a request. " Is it a P1or an S3? Who knows? Until then, a particular matter of flawed design (badly placed controls, illogical labels, confusing flows) doesn't exist! That's silly. How can this system enable collegial, even salon-style debates on the assumptions or forecasts about a feature or its ability to support a persona's lifestyle or(More)
Getting to the Sweet Spot I wonder how many UCD professionals have seen the diagram here by Charles Eames, the legendary designer: This classic diagram, originally done for a 1969 Parisian design exhibition entitled " What is Design, " shows a designer's chief concerns, in Eames's view. These range from the user, to the client, to the designer and his or(More)
This paper presents an approach taken by Citrix to shape a balanced, shared product design effort with engineering. Key points include the rise of hybrid designers skilled in software programming, the use of standard UI components, and collaborative standards council activities. Action items are also noted for interested readers trying to build their own(More)