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A 50nm 8Gb NAND Flash Memory with 100MB/s Program Throughput and 200MB/s DDR Interface
A 3.3V 8Gb NAND flash memory with a synchronous double-data-rate (DDR) interface is designed and fabricated using 3M 50nm technology to meet the requirements of the markets. Expand
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Gestion de blocs défectueux
Dans une memoire flash, des blocs d'effacement contenant des lignes de mots raccourcies ou brisees peuvent etre utilises, au moins partiellement, pour stocker des donnees utilisateur. Ces blocsExpand
Computer-Aided Reverse Engineering for Rapid Replacement Parts: A Case Study
ABSTRACT Indigenous product development using conventional means involves a relatively long lead-time and cost, especially for replacing worn-out and broken parts. This paper presents methodologiesExpand
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There is an industrial need for rapid manufacture of one-off intricate prototypes, for defense, vintage equipment and medical prosthetics. This paper presents a systematic approach for this purpose,Expand
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Thermo Mechanical Modeling of Selective Inhibition Sintered Thermoplastic Parts
Contemporary product design and development efforts of various engineering organizations have experienced the emergence of Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing technology as a competentExpand
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Experimental Evaluation of Overload Capability of an Annular Combustor Casing of a Gas Turbine Engine
For the aero engine, size and weight of the combustors are important considerations along with long operating life and its overload capability. The combustor which is considered for this research hasExpand
Fatigue Life Evaluation of an Annular Combustor Casing of a Gas Turbine Engine
This paper outlines an experimental methodology for fatigue life evaluation of an annular combustor casing using a closed-loop hydraulic test facility and presents results corresponding to the initial configuration. Expand
Détection d’opérations de lecture de mémoire et de vérification de programme dans un dispositif de mémoire non-volatile
L’invention concerne des procedes de detection dans un dispositif de memoire, un dispositif de memoire et un systeme de memoire. Dans un tel procede de detection, une unique operation de lecture avecExpand