Udai Pratap Rao

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Privacy preserving data mining (PPDM) is a novel research direction to preserve privacy for sensitive knowledge from disclosure. Many of the researchers in this area have recently made effort to preserve privacy for sensitive association rules in statistical database. In this paper, we propose a heuristic algorithm named DSRRC (Decrease Support of R.H.S.(More)
Digital multimedia watermarking technology had suggested in the last decade to embed copyright information in digital objects such as images, audio and video. However, the increasing use of relational database systems in many real-life applications created an ever-increasing need for watermarking database systems. As a result, watermarking relational(More)
Now-a-days it is common to share data between two organizations in many application areas. When data are to be shared between parties, there could be some sensitive patterns which should not be disclosed to the other parties. We address such the problem of sensitive classification rule hiding. We propose a blocking based approach for sensitive(More)
In this paper, we propose a heuristic based algorithm named MDSRRC (Modified Decrease Support of R.H.S. item of Rule Clusters) to hide the sensitive association rules with multiple items in consequent (R.H.S) and antecedent (L.H.S). This algorithm overcomes the limitation of existing rule hiding algorithm DSRRC. Proposed algorithm selects the items and(More)
Information is valuable asset of any organization which is stored in databases. Data in such databases may contain credit card numbers, social security number or personal medical records etc. Failing to protect these databases from intrusions will result in loss of customer's confidence and might even result in lawsuits. Traditional database security(More)
As availability of the mobile has been increased and many providers have started offering Location Based Services (LBS). There is undoubted potential of location-aware computing, but location awareness also comes up with the inherent threats, perhaps the most important of which is location privacy. This tracking of the location information result into(More)
Protecting the database from malicious insider is the major challenge for the organizations now-a-days. The organizations are eager to adopt the advanced security solutions to prevent the theft of data. Most of the existing database IDS (intrusion detection system) apply high profile matching constraint. Due to this there is probability of high false(More)
The concept that helps to interconnect physical objects equipped with sensing, actuating, computing power and thus lends them the capability to collaborate on a task in unison remaining connected to the internet is termed as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). With the help of sensors, actuators and embedded microcontrollers the notion of smart(More)