Uchenna Cyril Eze

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This research represents a theoretical extension of the extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to study the consumer adoption of mobile coupons. We developed a model to test the relationship between theoretical constructs spanning technological and cognitive influence processes and their impact on Behavioural Intention. This study aims to integrate(More)
Research indicates that information technology (IT) governance is attracting enormous attention from practitioners and academics. This is fueled by the growing importance of IT governance in the delivery of IT compliance and in its ability to create value for businesses. IT compliance minimizes risk while IT governance manages risks. This paper is a(More)
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are key economic sector in Malaysia and the Malaysian government have over the past decades promoted development and growth initiatives such as ICT implementation to advance their overall economic agenda. This paper, therefore, examines the factors and adoption patterns of Internet-based Information and Communication(More)
Green IT has been identified as a contributing factor in maintaining a green environment. However, past studies have focused mainly on Green IT practised by IT vendors or organizations rather than by individual consumers. Malaysia is a developing nation with high computer penetration. Almost every citizen is owns several computers, from desktops, tablet(More)
Internet banking in Malaysia has the potential to develop further into a key e-service application that is beneficial to both Internet banking providers and users. To achieve this, a critical mass of Internet banking users needs to be developed and sustained. However, there is growing concern over the erosion of user trust towards this alternative banking(More)
This paper examines the acceptance of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce in a developing country. The purpose of this paper is to develop a framework to explain B2C e-commerce adoption among Malaysian consumers based on Perceived Characteristics of Innovating (PCI) theory integrated with Trust. The findings indicate that perceived ease of use, result(More)
This paper investigated the factors that influence consumers in Malaysia to repurchase online. The emergence of Internet technology has created avenues for all firms to stay competitive through a more proactive approach, which involves building a sustainable business practice that leads to better business opportunities in this digital era. It is becoming(More)