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Mobile commerce is becoming a major aspect of our human endeavors with the advancements in wireless technology and services. This article examines key factors that influence mobile commerce adoption, and the moderating roles of age and income. The conceptual framework is underpinned on an extended technology acceptance model. The survey data was collected(More)
This paper identifies and relates important e-commerce development components using flower analogy. This paper also highlights the importance of maintenance on each component, known as maintenance culture, which is much the same way as nurturing and growing a beautiful and healthy flower. Finally, the paper evaluates the development of e-commerce in(More)
As a complex method for manufacturing and development, concurrent engineering has been studied and implemented extensively in the manufacturing industry to speed up production schedules and to reduce costs. One of the tools used in concurrent engineering is computer-aided design or CAD in short. CAD applications in multifunctional knowledge distribution(More)