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An ether-soluble fraction of a methanol extract of Ricinus communis var. minor seeds administered subcutaneously to adult female rats and rabbits at doses up to 1.2 g/kg and 600 mg/kg, respectively, in divided doses showed anti-implantation and anticonceptive activities. Laparotomy performed on Day 10 and Day 15 of pregnancy on mated female rats and rabbits(More)
CONTEXT Bridelia ferruginea Benth (Euphorbiaceae) is an indigenous medicinal plant in Nigeria. It is usually a gnarled shrub which sometimes reaches the size of a tree in suitable condition. Decoctions of parts of this plant have been employed in ethno medicine in many parts of Africa for treatment of many ailments including malaria fever. OBJECTIVE In(More)
Phyllanthus niruri (Euphorbiaceae) is used folklorically for the treatment of diabetes, malaria, fever, diarrhea, liver disease, and urolithiasis. As an initial step toward isolating compounds effective against inflammation and pain, this study is aimed at providing scientific evidence for the anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, and antipyretic properties(More)
The acute toxicity and the central effects of Mitragyna africanus (M. africanus) stembark methanol extract were studied in rats. The extract did not produce any death in the treated rats even at the highest dose (6400 mg kg(-1)) used. It produced depressant effects on the central nervous system. The stembark extract potentiated amylobarbitone sleeping time(More)
The effects of verapamil or diltiazem on pressor responses to posterior hypothalamic stimulation, injected noradrenaline or tyramine were studied in urethane-anaesthetized normotensive, deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA), renal and spontaneously hypertensive rats at the early and established phases of hypertension. Pressor responses to the pressor stimuli(More)
The effects of methoxyverapamil or hydralazine on pressor responses to posterior hypothalamic stimulation and injected pressor agents were studied in normotensive male Wistar rats. Methoxyverapamil inhibited both phases of pressor responses to hypothalamic stimulation and pressor responses to injected noradrenaline or angiotensin II. Hydralazine inhibited(More)
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