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The development of radio immunoassay and its application to the estimation of new substances (e.g. drugs, enzymes, viral antigens, etc.) will shed further light on the various problems which we have discussed in this introductory report. For each group of substances there will no doubt be special difficulties. If these technics have become very popular,(More)
The reactivity of the three disulphide bridges of insulin towards sodium sulphite was studied by amperometric titration of the liberated thiol groups. In the native, acetylated or succinylated molecule two bridges react at pH7, but in the methylated or phenylcarbamoylated molecule only one bridge reacts. All three bridges react in all derivatives in 8m-urea(More)
1. The iodination of insulin was studied under various experimental conditions in aqueous media and in some organic solvents, by measuring separately the uptake of iodine by the four tyrosyl groups and the relative amounts of monoiodotyrosine and di-iodotyrosine that are formed. In aqueous media from pH1 to pH9 the iodination occurs predominantly on the(More)
IgG separated from an antiserum to estradiol was coupled under various experimental conditions to Sepharose activated either with CNBr or by conversion into a long-armed derivative (the N-hydroxysuccinimide ester). The conjugates were characterized by measurement of the binding parameters, in order to evaluate separately the loss of sites and the loss of(More)