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In a population-based study, disease progression and survival were evaluated in untreated patients with newly diagnosed cancer of the prostate without distant metastases. Complete follow-up was achieved in 223 of 227 (98%) consecutively diagnosed, eligible patients of all ages. After 5 years, the cumulative progression-free survival (with 95% confidence(More)
The association between breast and endometrial cancer was investigated in a cohort consisting of 60,065 subjects (99% of all women in whom a first breast cancer was diagnosed in Sweden in 1960-63 and 1968-81). Complete follow-up until 1981 revealed a total of 260 endometrial cancers, as against an expected number of 151.1 (relative risk (RR) = 1.72; 95%(More)
A cohort comprising 11678 women who had undergone cholecystectomy in the period 1964 through 1967 for a benign gallbladder disease was investigated. They represented almost a total ascertainment from a defined geographic area. Follow-up during 11-14 completed years of observation revealed a total of 202 breast cancer cases after the cholecystectomy. This(More)
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