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Severity of nicotine dependence modulates cue-induced brain activity in regions involved in motor preparation and imagery
RationaleIn nicotine-dependent subjects, cues related to smoking elicit activity in brain regions linked to attention, memory, emotion and motivation. Cue-induced brain activation is associated withExpand
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Electric field-mediated fusion and related electrical phenomena.
  • U. Zimmermann
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Biochimica et biophysica acta
  • 30 November 1982
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Water ascent in tall trees: does evolution of land plants rely on a highly metastable state?
Contents I. Introduction II. Can water sustain negative pressures? III. Negative xylem pressures of several megapascals: fact or mystery? IV. The continuity of the xylem water columns: fact orExpand
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A novel, non-invasive, online-monitoring, versatile and easy plant-based probe for measuring leaf water status
A high-precision pressure probe is described which allows non-invasive online-monitoring of the water relations of intact leaves. Real-time recording of the leaf water status occurred by dataExpand
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Effects of external electrical fields on cell membranes
Abstract Dielectric breakdown of the cell membrane is observed when the membrane potential is taken rapidly (in μs) to a value of the order of 1 V. In giant algal cells a potential differences acrossExpand
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Pressure probe technique for measuring water relations of cells in higher plants.
A new method is described for continuously measuring cell turgor pressure (P), hydraulic conductivity (L(p)), and volumetric elastic modulus (epsilon) in higher plant cells, using a pressure probe.Expand
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Dielectric Breakdown of Cell Membranes
With human and bovine red blood cells and Escherichia coli B, dielectric breakdown of cell membranes could be demonstrated using a Coulter Counter (AEG-Telefunken, Ulm, West Germany) with aExpand
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Reversible electrical breakdown of lipid bilayer membranes: A charge-pulse relaxation study
SummaryCharge-pulse experiments were performed with lipid bilayer membranes from oxidized cholesterol/n-decane at relatively high voltages (several hundred mV). The membranes show an irreversibleExpand
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Hydrogel-based non-autologous cell and tissue therapy.
Many diseases are closely tied to deficient or subnormal metabolic and secretory cell functions. Milder forms of these diseases can be managed by a variety of treatments. However, it is oftenExpand
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Kinetics of pore size during irreversible electrical breakdown of lipid bilayer membranes.
The kinetics of pore formation followed by mechanical rupture of lipid bilayer membranes were investigated in detail by using the charge-pulse method. Membranes of various compositions were chargedExpand
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