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Epidemiological studies on the animal reservoir of Gambiense sleeping sickness. Part III. Characterization of trypanozoon stocks by isoenzymes and sensitivity to human serum.
A group of closely related minor zymodemes constituted another trypanosome population ineffective to man in West Africa which had a variable sensitivity to normal human serum and had been previously associated with chronic gambiense sleeping sickness. Expand
Laser-induced fluorescence detection of malignant gliomas using fluorescein-labeled serum albumin: Experimental and preliminary clinical results
Laser-induced fluorescence imaging using the albumin conjugate AFlc-SA may be a promising method for delineating tumor margins which are hard to detect under the operating microscope alone. Expand
Enzyme polymorphism and the identity of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense.
There exists a homogeneous group of trypanosomes of wide dispersion throughout tropical Africa, characterized by certain isoenzyme combinations and low initial virulence to rodents, which corresponds to the classical concept of T. b. Expand
Comparison of the in vivo efficiency of photofrin II‐, mTHPC‐, mTHPC‐PEG‐ and mTHPCnPEG‐mediated PDT in a human xenografted head and neck carcinoma
One of the approaches to enhance the selectivity and efficiency of photodynamic therapy (PDT) was the conjugation of the photosensitizer meta‐tetrahydroxyphenylchlorin (mTHPC) to the water‐solubleExpand
Microchip implant system used for animal identification in laboratory rabbits, guineapigs, woodchucks and in amphibians
Microchip implants proved to be a practicable and reliable system for animal identification without obvious adverse effects and in comparison with common methods and with regard to animal welfare and legal aspects. Expand
Epidemiological studies on the animal reservoir of gambiense sleeping sickness. Part II. Parasitological and immunodiagnostic examination of the human population.
The prevalence of the disease was determined in the population (n = 3402) of a highly endemic sleeping sickness area in the Ivory Coast and an area of recent low endemicity in southwestern UpperExpand
Synergistic hepatocarcinogenic effect of hepadnaviral infection and dietary aflatoxin B1 in woodchucks.
The striking similarities in altered cellular phenotypes of preneoplastic hepatic foci emerging after both hepadnaviral infection and exposure to AFB1 suggest closely related underlying molecular mechanisms that may be mainly responsible for the synergistic hepatocarcinogenic effect of these oncogenic agents. Expand
Identity of Trypanozoon stocks isolated from man and a domestic dog in Liberia.
The complete conformity of criteria for man-infectivity of the dog stock with 5 human stocks and the very close similarity to the 9 remaining stocks from the same epidemiological locality indicates the dog as a reservoir host of gambiense sleeping sickness. Expand
Efficacy of anticancer alkylphosphocholines in Trypanosoma brucei subspecies.
Phenylbutazone had no own trypanocidal effect but increased the efficacy of alkylphosphocholines in vitro and in vivo: the combination of HPC and phenyl butazone acted apparently synergistic. Expand
Morphological identification of simulium sanctipauli and S. yahense in Liberia and comparison of results with those of enzyme electrophoresis.
It was shown that the females of the two species can be separated reliably by the use of external morphological characters and the occasional finding in the same fly of phosphoglucomutase variants typical for each species indicated the possible occurrence of natural hybridization between S. sanctipauli and S. yahense. Expand