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Alfalfa Yield and Morphology of Three Fall‐Dormancy Categories Harvested at Two Phenological Stages in a Subtropical Climate
Producers in subtropical climates may obtain alfalfa hay with a high portion of leaves at a reasonable yield from the three tested FD categories by cutting alf Alfalfa at early bud stage. Expand
Fall Dormancy and Harvest Stage Effects on Alfalfa Nutritive Value in a Subtropical Climate
Results suggest that forage nutritive value was more impacted by stage of maturity than by FD rating or LSR, and Harvesting more frequently improved forage nutritional value regardless of the FD rating used. Expand
Rooting characteristics and turfgrass quality of three bermudagrass cultivars and a zoysiagrass
Visual turf quality was positively correlated to the RLD and RMD in the 25–40 cm soil layer, whereas no correlations were found with root diameters nor any parameter collected in the upper soil layers. Expand
COSMO-SkyMed system commissioning: End-to-end system performance verification
This paper presents the results of the end-to-end performance verification campaign performed in the frame of the COSMO-SkyMed system commissioning. After a brief introduction that provides anExpand
Seasonal Changes in Carbohydrate and Protein Content of Seeded Bermudagrasses and Their Effect on Spring Green‐Up
‘Yukon’ exhibited the highest rhizome dry weight and WSC content during the winter months and was the fastest to reach 80 % green cover in spring, while ‘Princess 77’ was the slowest cultivar to green-up in both years. Expand
Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer Effects on Alfalfa and Soil in a Non-Limited Soil
P application had no impact on yield and did not interact with K in determining productivity, while K had a positive effect on yield, however, the 300 kg ha -1 K 2 O rate appeared sufficient to maximize yield, without adverse effects on the forage nutritive value. Expand
Excrement distribution by different grazing animals in mountain pastures of Cansiglio upland plain (NE Italy)
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