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Ontogeny and cranial morphology of the tympanic region of the Tupaiidae, with special reference to Ptilocercus.
  • U. Zeller
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Folia primatologica; international journal of…
  • 1986
The structure of the tympanic region of the skull of Ptilocercus lowii was studied in an embryo of 30 mm crown-rump length and in 5 osteocrania. As in Tupaia, the anterior wall of the bulla ofExpand
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The monoptychic glands of the jugulo-sternal scent gland field of Tupaia: a TEM and SEM study.
The monoptychic 'apocrine' scent glands of the sternal region of two adult male Tupaia belangeri were studied by transmission and scanning electron microscopy, in order to assess the modes of releaseExpand
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Postpartum erythrophagocytosis, iron storage and iron secretion in the endometrium of the tree shrew (Tupaia) during pregnancy.
Tree shrews (Tupaia belangeri) develop a bidiscoid endotheliochorial placenta. In addition, histiotrophe secreted by uterine glands is absorbed by the paraplacental trophoblast. Histiotrophe which isExpand
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[Ontogeny and morphology of the round window and aqueduct of cochlea in Tupaia and other mammals].
  • U. Zeller
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Gegenbaurs morphologisches Jahrbuch
  • 1985
Studied the morphogenesis of the Fenestra rotunda and of the Aquaeductus cochleae in a series of 23 dated embryos and postnatal stages of Tupaia belangeri. The ontogeny of the Fenestra rotunda is theExpand
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¬A collideorscape of Joyce : Festschrift for Fritz Senn
A collection of essays on James Joyce, this volume includes contributions from scholars around the world, and was commissioned to celebrate the 70th birthday of Fritz Senn, Director of the ZurichExpand
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