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Design and mechanical properties of insect cuticle.
Since nearly all adult insects fly, the cuticle has to provide a very efficient and lightweight skeleton. Information is available about the mechanical properties of cuticle-Young's modulus ofExpand
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Bioinspired structural materials.
Natural structural materials are built at ambient temperature from a fairly limited selection of components. They usually comprise hard and soft phases arranged in complex hierarchical architectures,Expand
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The mechanical efficiency of natural materials
The materials of nature, for example cellulose, lignin, keratin, chitin, collagen and hydroxyapatite, and the structures made from them, for example bamboo, wood, antler and bone, have a remarkableExpand
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The mechanical properties of natural materials. I. Material property charts
The mechanical properties of natural materials as diverse as wood, muscle, shell and bone are plotted on material-property charts which show the relationships between properties. Performance indicesExpand
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Wood for sound.
  • U. Wegst
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of botany
  • 1 October 2006
The unique mechanical and acoustical properties of wood and its aesthetic appeal still make it the material of choice for musical instruments and the interior of concert halls. Worldwide, severalExpand
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Biomaterials by freeze casting
The functional requirements for synthetic tissue substitutes appear deceptively simple: they should provide a porous matrix with interconnecting porosity and surface properties that promote rapidExpand
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Imaging applications of synchrotron X‐ray phase‐contrast microtomography in biological morphology and biomaterials science. I. General aspects of the technique and its advantages in the analysis of
Synchrotron‐generated X‐rays provide scientists with a multitude of investigative techniques well suited for the analysis of the composition and structure of all types of materials and specimens.Expand
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The mechanical properties of natural materials. II. Microstructures for mechanical efficiency
Many natural materials have exceptionally high values of the mechanical performance indices described in the previous, companion paper. For beams and plates of a given stiffness or strength, or for aExpand
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Perspectives on the role of nanotechnology in bone tissue engineering.
OBJECTIVE This review surveys new developments in bone tissue engineering, specifically focusing on the promising role of nanotechnology and describes future avenues of research. METHODS The reviewExpand
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Bamboo and Wood in Musical Instruments
Over centuries and millennia, our ancestors worldwide found the most appropriate materials for increasingly complex acoustical applications. In the temperate climate of Europe, where the instrumentsExpand
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