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Barriers in entering treatment among women with urinary incontinence.
The identification of help seeking barriers and reaching out to risk groups is essential for early diagnose and effective treatment of women with urinary incontinence.
[Incidence and the results of treatment of beta-lactamase-positive gonorrhea with spectinomycin (trobicin)].
Beta-lactamase-positive gonorrhoea was rather sporadic in Poland, but if confirmed in other parts of the country, will cause the necessity of revision of the presently accepted indications for gonor rhoea treatment with penicillin with probenecid as the basic method.
[Possible application of lectins in diagnostics and therapy. Part I. Diagnostic application].
The use of lectins in drug targeting is being examined (lectins as drug-carriers, the preparation of bioadhesive "Second Generation" drug-delivery systems).
[Incidence of HIV infections among the patients of the outpatient clinic of the Institute of Venereology].
Patients in outpatient clinics for sexually transmitted diseases are a high risk group for HIV infection (especially homosexuals with syphilis) and should be tested for the presence of anti-HIV antibodies.