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Evaluation of fatigue monitoring technologies
The purpose of this study was to evaluate commercially available devices for driver fatigue monitoring with particular focus on the needs of the mining industry. We present an overview of fatigueExpand
Feature Fusion for the Detection of Microsleep Events
The potential of this methodology to establish a reference standard of drowsiness and microsleep detection devices for future online driver monitoring is illustrated and it is shown that metrics adaptation by weighting the input features can improve the classification accuracy, but only to a limited extent. Expand
Circadian alertness simulator for fatigue risk assessment in transportation: application to reduce frequency and severity of truck accidents.
Examination of CAS risk assessment validity using scenarios provided in a fatigue modeling workshop indicated that the CAS Model also performed well in estimating alertness with a real-world transportation scenario of railroad locomotive engineer work/rest patterns. Expand
Steering wheel behavior based estimation of fatigue
This paper examined a steering behavior based fatigue monitoring system. The advantages of using steering behavior for detecting fatigue are that these systems measure continuously, cheaply,Expand
Estimating fatigue from predetermined speech samples transmitted by operator communication systems
We present an estimation of fatigue level within individual operators using voice analysis. One advantage of voice analysis is its utilization of already existing operator communications hardwareExpand
Directional coupler based on an antiresonant reflecting optical waveguide.
A novel waveguide coupler configuration consisting of two identical antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides is presented. The coupling length is a periodic function of the waveguide separation,Expand
Data Fusion for Modern Engineering Applications: An Overview
The general concept of data fusion is introduced, together with the related architectures, algorithms and performance aspects, and benefits of such an approach are highlighted and potential applications are identified. Expand
Solitonlike optical switching in a circular fiber array.
We show numerically that a solitonlike propagation behavior in a self-focusing nonlinear fiber array can be used for efficient optical switching. Initial phase modulation of only five fibers is usedExpand
PERCLOS: An Alertness Measure of the Past
The growing number of fatigue related accidents in recent years has become a serious concern. Accidents caused by fatigue, or more precisely impaired alertness, in transportation and in miningExpand
Nonlinear guided waves in multilayer systems
A nonlinear matrix formalism that allows the calculation of the optical field within a nonlinear multilayer system is presented. Taking advantage of this technique, the field profiles are calculatedExpand