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Phenotypic characterisation and molecular polymorphism of indigenous poultry populations of the species Gallus gallus of Savannah and Forest ecotypes of Benin
Local populations from Savannah and Forest area may be considered as ecotypes, but not as two distinct breeds, because of the significant differences in phenotypic characterisation and molecular polymorphism. Expand
Comparison of growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of Benin indigenous chickens and Label Rouge (T55×SA51)
The local chickens of Benin would be suitable for improving traditional poultry production, whereas controlled crossbreeding programmes using Label Rouge could be recommended to improve local chicken weight. Expand
Genetic improvement of local chickens by crossing with the Label Rouge (T55XSA51): growth performances and heterosis effects.
The Label Rouge had more important feed intake than the local chickens and the crossbreeds had a feed intake intermediate between the ones of the Label Rouge and the local poultry. Expand
Synedrella nodiflora (L.) Gaertn : a review on its phytochemical screening and uses in animal husbandry and medicine
It is found in tropical America, spreading pan-tropically now, throughout the south-east Asian region and some African countries as Benin and can be used as Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin supplier in animal husbandry to improve reproductive parameters in females. Expand
Technological, Sensorial and Nutritional Meat Quality Traits from Pig Fed with Conventional and Unconventional Diets
Overall, unconventional diet based on Azolla and Moringa improves technological and nutritional pork quality. Expand
Laying performances and egg quality characteristics of F1 crossbred hens resulting from Label Rouge (T55XSA51) and two local ecotypes as parental lines
The crossing EsxLr is the best adapted for the genetic improvement of local chickens of Benin and negative heterosis effects was found for the traits egg weight, egg yolk and egg white in the crosses involving females Lr. Expand
Morphometric and zootechnical characterization of dwarf goats in Northeastern Benin
In Benin, there are less documented reports on zootechnical characteristics of dwarf goats. The objective of this study was to determine the zootechnical and phenotypic traits of dwarf goats. A totalExpand
Variability of Body Morphometric Parameters of Dwarf Sheep of Djallonke Breed according to the Ecotype (North and South), Age and Type of Birth
It appears that all morphometric traits depend on the ecotype of sheep except body length, and indeed, the sheep of North ecotype were heavier than those of South ecotype. Expand