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Meta-analysis of the effect of β-glucan intake on blood cholesterol and glucose levels.
OBJECTIVE A meta-analysis was performed on epidemiologic studies to assess the relation between β-glucan consumption from oats and from barley on blood cholesterol level, triglyceride/triacylglycerolExpand
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Factors influencing levels of phytochemicals in selected fruit and vegetables during pre- and post-harvest food processing operations
Phytochemicals are important natural bioactive compounds of fruit and vegetables and are widely recognised for their nutraceutical effects and health benefits. This review analyses different factorsExpand
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Nutritional importance and effect of processing on tocols in cereals
Over the past decade greater consumer demand for nutritious cereal-based food products with minimal artificial additives has been met with increased research and development from the food industry.Expand
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Simulation of the factors affecting β-glucan levels during the cultivation of oats
Abstract A Monte Carlo simulation technique was employed to simulate the factors influencing the level of β-glucan content in both hulled (HO) and naked (NO) oat cultivars during cultivation of theExpand
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Factors Influencing β-Glucan Levels and Molecular Weight in Cereal-Based Products
ABSTRACT The beneficial role of soluble dietary fiber in human nutrition is well documented and has lead to a growing demand for the incorporation of β-glucan, particularly from oats and barley, intoExpand
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Seaweed nutraceuticals and their therapeutic role in disease prevention
Abstract There is a growing interest that bioactive compounds from seaweed can play a major therapeutic role in disease prevention in humans. Seaweed bioactives including polysaccharides, pigments,Expand
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Functional and physicochemical properties of legume fibers
This chapter highlights legume fibers and their functional and physicochemical properties, and evaluates the effects of processing technologies on the quantity and quality of legume fibers. LegumeExpand
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A predictive model of the effects of genotypic, pre- and postharvest stages on barley β-glucan levels
BACKGROUND: β-Glucan is a bioactive component of cereal grains that has many potential uses and health-promoting benefits. Recent research has focused on improving the nutritional value of food byExpand
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A farm-to-fork model to evaluate the level of polyacetylenes in processed carrots
Summary Naturally occurring aliphatic C17 polyacetylene compounds [falcarinol (FaOH), falcarindiol (FaDOH) and falcarindiol-3-acetate (FaDOAc)] in carrots are known for their bioactivity and healthExpand
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Modelling the interaction of storage temperature, pH, and water activity on the growth behaviour of Listeria monocytogenes in raw and pasteurised semi-soft rind washed milk cheese during storage
The objective of this study was to investigate the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in semi-soft rind washed cheese made from raw and pasteurised milk at different storage temperatures (4, 10 and 15Expand
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