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The SmartKom Multimodal Corpus at BAS
In this contribution we announce and describe in detail the new multimodal corpus evolving from the publicly funded German SmartKom project. The first release of the corpus (BAS SK-P 1.0) has beenExpand
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Speaker verification based on the German veridat database
This paper introduces the new German speaker verification (SV) database VeriDat as well as the system design, the baseline performance and the results of several experiments of our experimentalExpand
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Assessment of motor pathways to masticatory muscles: an examination technique using electrical and magnetic stimulation.
To study motor pathways to masticatory muscles, a new recording technique using surface electrodes was developed. The recording electrode was mounted on a spatula and inserted enorally into theExpand
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Compensation Techniques for Network Mismatch in Telephone-Based Speaker Verification
Typically the performance of speech related recognition tasks degrades when the acoustical characteristics of the speech data in the training phase differ from those of the application phase. InExpand
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Numerical investigation of the polymer melt flow in injection molding by using ILU preconditioned GMRES
Abstract The implementation of a modern preconditioned Newton‐Krylov solvers to the polymer melt flow in injection molding is the main focus of this paper. The viscoelastic and non‐isothermalExpand