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Chromosomal polymorphism and racial evolution of Sorex uruneus L. in Finland
Six chromosomal races with different combinations of arms, g, h, k, m, n, o, q and r were found to form chromosomes nos 3,5,7 and 8, suggesting that these races may have evolved from a common ancestral karyotype through a series of reciprocal translocations. Expand
Chromosome banding pattern in a polymorphic population of Sorex araneus from northeastern Finland.
The banding pattern of race C is presented and proposed as a basis for comparisons between chromosomal races of Sorex araneus and polymorphism was slightly more restricted than in another race C population investigated by Fredga. Expand
Feeding behavior, coprophagy and passage of foodstuffs in a captive least shrew
Observations of a single old adult male of the least shrew Sorex minutissimus Zimmerman, 1780 in captivity show that it ate willingly Aranae, Opiliones, Chilopoda, Orthoptera, Lepidoptera,Expand
Mercury in various tissues of three mustelid species and other trace metals in liver of European otter from Eastern Finland
Monitoring of mercury concentrations in European otter, European polecat and European pine marten collected in Eastern Finland found the highest concentrations were found in fur followed by liver and kidney, and the mercury concentrations increased with increasing age and body weight. Expand
Long-term population dynamics of the common shrew Sorex araneus in Finland
Analysis of the regularity, regional variation and density-dependence in the long-term dynamics of the common shrew Sorex araneus in six regions in Finland revealed no regular multiannual cycles; seasonal fluctuations and erratic long term fluctuations prevailed. Expand
Spring moult and onset of the breeding season of the common shrew (Sorex araneus L.) in Central Finland
Linka ryjowki aksamitnej w tym regionie jest zjawiskiem zlozonym, trwa okolo 2 miesiące i wydaje sie byc, przynajmniej cześciowo związana z dzialaniem hormonow plciowych. Expand
Chlorinated hydrocarbons, PCBs and cesium isotopes in otters (Lutra lutra L.) from Central Finland
The material consists of 11 otters found dead in Central Finland in the 1980s. The concentrations of many hazardous chemicals were low in the fresh weight of liver: alfa and oxychlordane, HCB,Expand
The karyotype of Sorex caecutiens Laxmann.