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Laboratory evolution of cytochrome P450 BM‐3 monooxygenase for organic cosolvents
Cytochrome P450 BM‐3 (EC catalyzes the hydroxylation and/or epoxidation of a broad range of substrates, including alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, fatty acids, amides, polyaromaticExpand
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A statistical analysis of random mutagenesis methods used for directed protein evolution.
We have developed a statistical method named MAP (mutagenesis assistant program) to equip protein engineers with a tool to develop promising directed evolution strategies by comparing 19 mutagenesisExpand
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The diversity challenge in directed protein evolution.
Over the past decade, we have witnessed a bloom in the field of evolutive protein engineering which is fueled by advances in molecular biology techniques and high-throughput screening technology.Expand
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Protein engineering in bioelectrocatalysis.
Electrochemistry of redox proteins is a broadly applicable technology with important applications in biosensors, biofuel cells and chemical syntheses. Escalating attention in this area is driven byExpand
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Structural and dynamic properties of cytochrome P450 BM‐3 in pure water and in a dimethylsulfoxide/water mixture
Solvent molecules play an important role for the structural and dynamical properties of proteins. A major focus of current protein engineering is the development of enzymes that are catalyticallyExpand
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An efficient transformation method for Bacillus subtilis DB104
Bacillus subtilis strains are used for extracellular expression of enzymes (i.e., proteases, lipases, and cellulases) which are often engineered by directed evolution for industrial applications. B.Expand
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Steering directed protein evolution: strategies to manage combinatorial complexity of mutant libraries.
How to explore protein sequence space efficiently and how to generate high-quality mutant libraries that allow to identify improved variants with current screening technologies are key questions forExpand
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Directed evolution of oxygenases: screening systems, success stories and challenges.
The field of directed evolution of oxygenases (mono-, di- and epoxygenases) is rapidly advancing as an increasing number of success stories indicate. A significant number of screening systems haveExpand
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A roadmap to directed enzyme evolution and screening systems for biotechnological applications.
We present and discuss the advantages and challenges of designing and performing a directed enzyme evolution campaign, current advances in methods, as well as highlighting some examples of its applications in industrially relevant enzymes. Expand
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MAP(2.0)3D: a sequence/structure based server for protein engineering.
The Mutagenesis Assistant Program (MAP) is a web-based tool to provide statistical analyses of the mutational biases of directed evolution experiments on amino acid substitution patterns. MAPExpand
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