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8-Cyclopentyl-1,3-dipropylxanthine (DPCPX) — a selective high affinity antagonist radioligand for A1 adenosine receptors
SummaryThe properties of 8-cyclopentyl-1,3-dipropylxanthine (DPCPX) as an antagonist ligand for A1 adenosine receptors were examined and compared with other radioligands for this receptor. DPCPXExpand
Towards a revised nomenclature for P1 and P2 receptors.
The classification of receptors for adenosine, ATP and ADP (collectively called purinoceptors) has seen a number of developments in the past three years. The important division of receptors into twoExpand
Variations and increase in use of statins across Europe: data from administrative databases
Coronary heart disease remains a major cause of death in most European countries.1 Statins lower blood cholesterol concentration and reduce the relative risk of coronary events by about 30% in bothExpand
Policies to Enhance Prescribing Efficiency in Europe: Findings and Future Implications
Introduction: European countries need to learn from each other to address unsustainable increases in pharmaceutical expenditures. Objective: To assess the influence of the many supply and demand-sideExpand
2-Chloro-N6-cyclopentyladenosine: a highly selective agonist at A1 adenosine receptors
Summary2-Chloro-N6-cyclopentyladenosine (CCPA) was synthesized as a potential high affinity ligand for A1 adenosine receptors. Binding of [3H]PIA to A1 receptors of rat brain membranes was inhibitedExpand
Facilitation by adenosine of the action of insulin on the accumulation of adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate, lipolysis, and glucose oxidation in isolated fat cells.
The modulation of insulin action by adenosine has been studied in lipid and glucose metabolism of isolated rat fat cells. When 20000 cells per ml were incubated, insulin failed to antagonize theExpand
Measurement of guanine nucleotide-binding protein activation by A1 adenosine receptor agonists in bovine brain membranes: stimulation of guanosine-5'-O-(3-[35S]thio)triphosphate binding.
Signal transduction by A1 adenosine receptors was investigated by measuring the modulation by adenosine agonists of guanosine-5'-O-(3-[35S]thio)triphosphate ([35S]GTP[S]) binding to guanineExpand
Interaction of full and partial agonists of the A1 adenosine receptor with receptor/G protein complexes in rat brain membranes.
Full and partial agonists of the A1 adenosine receptor were characterized with respect to their influence on G protein activation and their thermodynamic parameters of receptor binding in rat brainExpand
Comparison of national administrative and commercial databases to monitor expenditure and costs of statins across Europe
Objectives To compare data on statin utilisation and costs across Europe from routine administrative databases with those from a commercial source.Methods Observational study in European Union memberExpand
Activation of adenylate cyclase by vanadate
VANADATE has been identified as a potent inhibitor of (Na,K)ATPases1,2. The (Na,K)ATPase of dog kidney is inhibited 50% by 40 nM sodium orthovanadate (Na2VO4) in optimal conditions (28 mM Mg2+)2. AsExpand