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Inkjet Printing of Polymers: State of the Art and Future Developments
Inkjet printing is considered to be a key technology in the field of defined polymer deposition. This article provides an introduction to inkjet printing technology and a short overview of theExpand
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Aerogels-Airy Materials: Chemistry, Structure, and Properties.
Air, air, air…︁ and some solid skeleton; this is the basis for an interesting class of materials-the aerogels (shown schematically on the right). Can one therefore speak of "simple" chemistry? TheExpand
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Poly(ethylene glycol) in drug delivery: pros and cons as well as potential alternatives.
Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) is the most used polymer and also the gold standard for stealth polymers in the emerging field of polymer-based drug delivery. The properties that account for theExpand
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Extended dissolution studies of cellulose in imidazolium based ionic liquids
Ionic liquids (ILs) have become advantageous solvents for the dissolution and homogeneous processing of cellulose in recent years. However, despite significant efforts, only a few ILs are known forExpand
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Shape memory polymers: Past, present and future developments
Abstract Shape memory polymers (SMPs) represent a highly interesting class of materials. As one representative of the intelligent polymeric systems, these materials gained significant interest inExpand
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Printed electronics: the challenges involved in printing devices, interconnects, and contacts based on inorganic materials
Printed electronics represent an emerging area of research that promises large markets due to the ability to bypass traditional expensive and inflexible silicon-based electronics to fabricate aExpand
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Inkjet Printing of Narrow Conductive Tracks on Untreated Polymeric Substrates
In the last two decades inkjet printing has grown to a major topic in scientific research, especially drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet printing systems. DOD inkjet printing has progressed from printingExpand
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Modern Terpyridine Chemistry
Preface. 1 Introduction. References. 2 Syntheses of Functionalized 2,2':6',2'-Terpyridines. 2.1 Introduction. 2.2 Basic Synthetic Strategies. 2.3 Synthesis of 2,2':6',2'-Terpyridine Derivatives. 2.4Expand
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Inkjet printing as a deposition and patterning tool for polymers and inorganic particles.
Inkjet printing is an attractive patterning technology, which has become increasingly accepted for a variety of industrial and scientific applications. This review primarily presents an overview ofExpand
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